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Jabal Uhud, Hill mortuary Martyrs

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Jabal Uhud (Uhud Mountain) is not a vast mountain range like a row of mountains in Indonesia. High Jabal Uhud only about 1050 meters. However, because the Prophet which states Jabal Uhud is a mountain that loves us and we love him, how much depended on a pilgrimage to this hill to be important for every Muslim.

Jabal Uhud is situated on the edge of the highway. Before the construction of roads by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region is always crossed by every pilgrim who went to Medina or to Mecca.

However, since the year 1984, pilgrims journey from Mecca to Medina, or from Medina to Jeddah not by a long way, but through a new path that does not pass the edge of Jabal Uhud.

Reddish color of the stone shows Jabal Uhud was a barren hill, far from understanding the green mountains like in Indonesia. On this hill before flowing blood of the martyrs.

Listening to recorded history, occurred the battle of Uhud in Shawwal in the year 15 Hijri third (around 625 AD in March). War triggered the desire of revenge after the defeat of the Quraish infidels in their battle of Badr. On the orders of Allah, the Muslim army ranks to meet the infidels even outside of Medina. Strategy was drawn up. A total of 50 troops stationed at the top archers Jabal Uhud with orders to attack when the Quraysh attacked, especially cavalry.

War was raging. In that terrible war, the Muslim army is already getting a victory. However, they were then beaten back by the army of Quraysh, because it forces the enemy archers hooked bait in the form of property, jewelry, and type of other war booty.

Quraysh cavalry leader Khalid ibn al-Walid (friend of the Apostle who was not yet converted to Islam - Red) attacked the Muslims from behind when they were fighting over property doze. Surprise attack is fatal for the Muslims. No less than 70 Muslim soldiers became martyrs killed, including the Prophet's uncle, Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib. No less than the Prophet Muhammad's sorrow over the death of his uncle.

After the war, the bodies of the martyrs of Uhud be buried near the location of the war and dishalatkan one by one before it was buried. The Sayyidina Hamzah dishalatkan of 70 times. He was buried together with Abdullah bin Jahsyi (cousin of the Prophet) in separate locations with the location of the other martyrs.

The location of the cemetery of the martyrs of Uhud is now a very simple cemetery, surrounded by 1.75 meter high fence. Sunk fence rail so that the pilgrims could see into the cemetery.

Unlike ordinary funeral, no headstone or special signs in the area of the cemetery of the martyrs of Uhud. There is only a sign of the stones in the area around the cemetery. At Uhud, there are holes where the Prophet fell and crushed stone during the war. There is also a cave where the Prophet resort after the war.

Prophet's love for the martyrs of Uhud, especially his uncle, Hamzah RA, making it always took a pilgrimage to Jabal Uhud almost every year. Step he then also followed by a few friends after the Prophet died. There is a story of Umar bin Khatab and Abubakar As-Siddiq who always reminded the Prophet if the journey had been approached Uhud.

Prophet Muhammad also said,''They are buried at Uhud not get anywhere else but his spirit was in the green bird, which crossed the river of heaven. Birds that eat the food from the garden and never run out of food. The martyrs were saying, 'Who will tell us the condition of our brothers that we were in heaven'.''

So, God said,''I'll give the news to them.''Then, down the verse which reads,''And do not think people are killed in Allah's way as dead.''(Sura 3:169).

Until now, Jabal Uhud become an important place for diziarahi pilgrims. In this place, usually a lot of mutawif that guides led the prayers. In the pilgrimage guide book, also have included prayers when the pilgrimage to Jabal Uhud.

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