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How atmosphere Jeddah airport today...

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicIt's sad, when a friend who served in Jeddah reported coverage of many pilgrims exhausted. There's even an almost unconscious thirst, upon arrival at King Abdul Aziz Airport. Not because the nine-hour journey over the cause, but a long line of immigration.

Eating and drinking in the queue? Flight rules prohibit passengers carrying liquids above 100 ml. Drinking water has certainly not escaped the airport scanner.

On arrival at King Abdul Aziz Airport, the crowd herded into long lines. They checked the completeness and suitability of immigration documents, such as passports, entry visas, and arrival card (entry card). Also photographed and fingerprinted.

At the entry there are six pieces of card strips containing the code number (bar code). One sheet of each sheet taped to the green passport, the passport sheet E administration list pilgrimage trip (DAPIH - first pilgrim passport) and the cards out (exit card) from the airport in Saudi Arabia. Two other scrap delivered to the officials of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj, Maktab Wukala (hajj organizers manager in Jeddah), and transportation management (Naqaba).Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Congregation then had to do fingerprints (ten fingers) and photographed. Can get one to two hours in line here, before then to the baggage hall to collect their goods. After that headed for the exit through the examination officer and the Ministry of Hajj Wukala Maktab.

The next process, crowd into the waiting room to wait for the other group members completed a long process like this passes. After the whole congregation in one complete kloter, to their departure to Madinah with the buses that had been prepared by Naqaba. If there is time, waiting for departure to Medina, pilgrims can pray, bathing, or a short break.

Before you boarded the bus, the crowd returned the documents reviewed and the bar code. Only when on the bus, they can breathe freely.

Relieved? Not so fast. The journey to Medina, a distance of 450 km traveled by road to the 6-7 hour time frame. Pilgrims in Medina will perform Arbain prayer (prayer in congregation in the Masjid Nabawi for 40 times) before shifting to Mecca to attend the pilgrimage circuit; Umrah, Standing at Arafat, Mabit in Muzdalifah and Mina, throwing jumrah, thawaf (seven times around the Ka ' bah), and sa'i (small run of seven rounds between Mount Safa and Mount Marwa).

In Medina is all feeling tired and exhausted to find the estuary. Moreover, many pilgrims who - after fatigue in the long-penjalanan-5 instead of a break first, but immediately after worship to pray in Masjid Nabawi Arbain. So, many pilgrims who later fell ill, generally the elderly. The stress, began a one-two. Add poignant when a friend in Medina to preach, one pilgrim dead.

I am a bit 'broken heart' as the Regional Head of Organizing Committee Working Jeddah Haji Indonesia (PPIH), Subhan Cholid, states can not be avoided the addition of the time. With the new policy taking photographs and fingerprints, then it checks the time delay of about five to seven minutes for each congregation.

So, if the normal immigration process takes about two hours, taking fingerprints and photographs would extend immigration check to be four to five hours each kloter. Plus some not yet functioning of the gate (gate) at the airport, because of being renovated. Apparently it is difficult to shorten the process of checking immigration documents at the airport in Saudi Arabia this debarkation.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not to mention the case of plane delays, as experienced kloter embarkation Ujungpandang 7. Pilgrims traveled a total of about 29 hours to reach Medina.

On the other hand, the promise Jeddah airport authority to add the counter filled with endless examinations. Earlier, Director General of King Abdul Aziz Airport, Kashoggi Mazen, said Hajj pilgrims who landed candidates will be accepted at the gate 13. Congregation service will be a top priority at the airport service. Service counters plus pilgrims as well as the staff of the ministry.

In fact, until yesterday's inspection booth number is still the same as ten days ago. Officers were less readily seen to serve the congregation. Ineffective.Image and video hosting by TinyPicOne booth three officers, while working only one. The two, so kenek course and occasionally joking. Uuuh.


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  3. Diana :
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    Zahra :
    ^_^ It was common in arab countries and it is only a small part that caught our eyes, they carry out core tasks, but not with all my heart because it is Allah Azza Wa Jalla
    nice to know u too Zahra :b

  4. wah ni kayaknya panduan ke mekkah nih... gak jelas.. soal bahasa inggris.. maklum agak pasif bhs Inggris..hehehhe.salam kenal...

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