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Embarkation Padang Clean Water Crisis

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BENGKULU - embarkation of Padang, which remained in operation serving the congregation after the Hajj potential West Sumatra earthquake 7.9 on the Richter Scale (SR), is now experiencing a clean water crisis.

If''called light water crisis, for the supply of clean water just choked,''explained Chief Kandepag Seluma, Bengkulu Province, Mukhlisuddin.

Kakandepag said, because of the need and the amount of inventory does not match, causing a little trouble getting clean water. "We are now in Padang embarkation pilgrim hostel, leaving from Fatmawati Bengkulu Airport at 10:00 am with 161 calhaj and arrived at Minangkabau International Airport about 40 minutes later," he said.

Calhaj of Seluma, he said, amounted to 169 people and the remaining eight more people leaving today at 13:00 pm with 106 calhaj District Kaur, Bengkulu Province. Bengkulu Province Calhaj total amounted to 1633 people, came from 10 districts / cities. They were divided into five groups of flies (II sd kloter VI). In addition, there are also 36 calhaj deposited Bengkulu Province in West Sumatera Kloter VII.

Padang embarkation departure serves calhaj from three provinces (West Sumatera, Bengkulu, Jambi and part) of 23 kloter (XXIII kloter I sd), with airlines Garuda Indonesian Airways (GIA) to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. ant

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