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17 Thousand Jamaa'ah Visa Special Hajj hampered

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MAKKAH - Although scheduled to begin deployment on November 4, 2009, visas for pilgrims special - or often called ONH Plus - still not issued by the Government of Saudi Arabia. The reason, the maintenance of the barcode by muasasah (hajj organizers consortium) on which the issuance never final. If they limit the time allowed a visa was not yet out, probably 17 thousand pilgrims depart frustrated.

New rules are about tasrih (certificate of eligibility) who became ganjalannya quarters. Hotel, although a four-star or more, also have pocketed tasrih. Tasrih this hotel, along with proof of payment to sign muasasah for 1600 riyal (approximately USD 4.16 million) and then taken to the Southeast Asian affairs muasasah (Mutawify Hujjaj Southeast Asia) for a particular code in the form of a barcode which will be issuance requirements.

Unfortunately, until now, the hotels that have been pocketed tasrih be counted on the fingers. Hilton class luxury hotels and Zamzam Tower in front of the Grand Mosque, one tasrihnya not go down. In fact, the tenants, including the bureaus a special pilgrimage organizers from Indonesia, has paid all the rooms rented. ''We have to suffer the consequences of that really is not our fault,''said Anton Subekti Fadhilah, managing director of Binamil Tour. He admitted that he had paid the rent fee that ranges between 8000 to 8500 riyal per room. In fact, near the top of the pilgrimage, there is room prices reach 40 thousand riyal per room / night.

Tasrih affairs, he said, is the business of the hotel and the Government of Saudi Arabia. Be fair, he said, if they are charged to the internal affairs of other parties that in fact is actually coming to donate for their foreign exchange. This issue became a protracted after the transfer of some powers from the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia to the Ministry of Tourism.

Chairman of the Association of Organized Umrah and Hajj (Himpuh), Baluki Ahmad, revealed, in previous years, tasrih usually issued by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. However, this year the authority was transferred to the Ministry of Tourism. The transfer was''just done two weeks ago. And who knows what happened, until now tasrih to the hotel had not come out as well, to take care of automatic barcode visas can not be obtained pilgrims. In fact, our pilgrims have to go on 4 tomorrow, according to flight schedules,''explained Baluki in Mecca, Saturday (31/10).

Baluki revealed, it was coordinating with the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA). The hope, Ministry could as soon as possible to coordinate with the foreign ministry so he could take diplomatic efforts so that ONH Plus pilgrim visa can go out without a barcode.

Government some countries such as Singapore and Malaysia also have made diplomatic efforts so that the visa pilgrims ONH Plus they can get out. ''So far we are still waiting,''said Baluki.

On Saturday (31/10) night in Saudi Arabia, hundreds of businessmen from Indonesia travel agency came Muasasah Regional Office of Southeast Asia in Mecca. The purpose of their arrival was to ask the fate of their congregation. However, until 23:00 o'clock, the effort was not fruitless.

Baluki explained, when the crowd failed to leave, the firm will bear the pilgrimage losses. Because they already paid the cost of hotel accommodation and expenses to follow the procession to the Standing muasasah. Plane ticket costs to the departure date of 4 and 5 November is also the average has confirmed the airline.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) ensure pilgrims ONH plus its barcode to get out and can leave the pilgrimage. Yes''is not threatened cancellation, we've earned. The organizers are taking care of special pilgrimage. We've helped, and this is the government authority of Saudi Arabia. Let's wait for was the process,''said Director General of Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Slamet Riyanto, told Republika, Friday (1 / 11).

This barcode, said Slamet, just get out when all the arrangements have been completed such as hotels and transportation problems. It's just because there are new tasrih issued by the Saudi Arabia, causing this barcodes hampered exit. "Yes, it's not finished all. In fact, there are as many as 17,200 pilgrims plus. But this is still the process," he said.

Slamet added, time out barcode can not be determined. According to him, depending on the organizers of this special pilgrimage to it. "We are encouraged to immediately go to the Saudis take care of it (barcode - Red), so faster is better. But, until now it has not come out," he said.

Slamet said, the Ministry hopes arrangements can be completed as soon as possible barcodes and special pilgrims can go to the Holy Land. "There's still time before the date of November 4. Hopefully, over all. If barcode finished Monday, pilgrims can go," he said. ed: m as'adi

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