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Preparing to Launch The World's Largest Rocket

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VIVAnews - United States Space Agency (NASA) preparing to launch the world's largest rocket, Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Rocket 327 feet long and was named Ares IX will be released at 8 AM local time from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The rocket that will help NASA in gathering information for future missions, astronauts flew to the moon. However, if the weather is not possible, the launch could be postponed and will be done tomorrow Wednesday.

"Ares IX, will bring NASA one step further in achieving the goals of space exploration, ie back to the moon," NASA said in a statement, as quoted by CNN page. Launch of NASA, called the test is one of four launch of Ares IX test which will last until 2012.

NASA hopes the rocket will eventually replace the spaceship was old, as well as conducting a trip to the Moon and Mars. NASA scientists have said that travel to the moon can not occur before the year 2015.

Rocket launch today comes amid a critical time, ie, when NASA is waiting for President Barack Obama in deciding the next budget for NASA. An independent committee examining the future prospects NASA recently reported that the U.S. space program is likely to reach the destination beyond the current budget.

The Committee also recommends to the White House that the funding for the international space station being repaired should be enlarged until 2020.

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