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Loss British Pound 1.3 Billion per Year

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VIVAnews - Not only as a forum of friendship, based on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter was also hurting some businesses. Especially for companies where employees interact during working hours and lower productivity.

Morse, a British IT company, has conducted the survey at 1460 local employees. Apparently, more than half (57%) of them using work time for 40 minutes per week, or approximately one week of the year.

When calculated, it is estimated that businesses in the UK experienced a total loss of about 1.38 billion pounds or 21 trillion dollars per year due to time misused by employees.

That number may be even greater. The reason is, the respondents estimated that a coworker may use work time to interact more in social networking. On average the respondents mentioned 59 minutes per day.

As quoted from VIVAnews Server-Management, October 26, 2009, Philip Wicks, a consultant Morse said the town council of Portsmouth, England has locked access to Facebook on its employees.

He added, can not be denied that some employees are also accessing social networking sites clandestinely in working hours. And to overcome it required a strict rule.

Unfortunately, to reach this stage seems to still need time. The reason is, 76 percent of respondents said that the company does not have special rules around the use of social networking sites.

Not to mention the fact that one third of the respondents mentioned that they also post sensitive information about the company they work in social networking. This is potentially more harmful result of damage to the reputation of the company.

Since its establishment as a pioneer MySpace social networking sites, many grew a variety of other sites. According to existing data, recorded as many as 165 social networking sites that exist on the internet.

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