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I have to stay healthy and strong ^_^

4 komentar

♥ ...Dear Diary... ♥

Today I was sick, and to pass out on campus, as I watched the midterm. Actually, from a few days ago had many issues that came into my life not to mention the tight schedule of my activities this past week, less break it for sure.
From the beginning of midterms watching heavy head is trying to stay strong, stay healthy and always look both weak and I really can not have a lot of serious problems.

The doctor said I was too tired and less rest.After the check to the doctor, my father took me around the city of Yogyakarta, in order to eliminate the exhaustion during activity. We stopped at a cafe break and spend time there, until you feel tired and then go back home

Once at home I thought I was getting better,but there was not that bad and my head getting heavier, until brother called me head got heavier and very heavy. But there is ease the burden, he is nothing but my love, my babe, she continued to monitor the development of health he loves me like I love him for my beloved dear, no I can give you up to this moment except a sincere prayer and hope to continue to be with you forever

Myself as better with your presence here, even though you're far away from me but I trust my love and sincerity that you give like a magnet that could make me stand to stay and always tough I never intended to be jealous with everything in life, just not easy for me to stay away from you babe...

one hopes that there will always be in my prayers that I hope to always be with him Lord there is no other, let us always fill our lives and go hand in hand together towards the Lord thy heaven Amien... Allahumma Amien...


  1. asslmkum wr.wb
    ehm...lupa ga bawa kamus he..he.. by the way its really good posting ,get something for another tip healthy sis...thnxs n good luck ya

  2. Wa'alaikum salam wr.wb
    hehehehe.. bisa aja sai ^_^
    Allahumma shalli 'ala muhammad, syukron sai ^_^
    siipp Insya Allah sai, next posting ^_^

  3. Semoga sudah sembuh..

    HiiiHii..aku bingung dan terpana
    Abis masih Oon klo baca yg ada inggris2nya

  4. evan...
    iyaa alhamdulillah piet udah sembuh.. ^_^
    syukron buad doanya... ^_^
    hehehe.., sama piet juga masih salah-salah tuh vocabnya masi berantakan >_<
    heee jadi malu >_<