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Freedom Women Condemn Mufti of Saudi Arabia

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Like many reported, a few days ago, some professional women from Saudi Arabia, a very brave act by opening their hijab in a meeting attended by more than 1000 men in the Jeddah Economic Forum. Unusual actions were later has led to a polemic on masyakarat.

The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh and religious authorities condemned Saudi Arabia as loud as her actions and is considered to have opened the genitalia of women and glory eliminate themselves solely to mix with men.

The women in the forum was very proud and allow their facial image captured by the press Saudi Arabia. According to him, they were proud and enjoyed freedom.

"We follow the development of Jeddah economic forum and the actions that should be condemned, especially when women and men mixed and the emergence of women without the veil as instructed by God.

"It was forbidden, even more newspapers to broadcast their images. The act is contrary to the Sharia, "he said.

Three-day forum which ended last Monday of an expert witness ekonomu Saudi woman delivered a lecture for the first time in the history of the country.

"Progress will not be achieved without real reform. We do not have a choice if Saudi Arabia wants to see progress, "said economist woman, Lubna al-Olayan, who became chairman" Olayan Financing ", a Saudi conglomerate.

No doubt, the former American president, Bill Clinton urging him to give the role of groups in the country's vast.

Only five percent of women of Saudi Arabia to work. Although 58 countries peratus woman has diplomas in various fields.

Saudi Arabia, a kingdom that many countries influenced by Wahabi understand very prohibits women off the veil in public, including outside the house without a mahram.

Over this incident, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said, "I gave an explanation of the consequences of this woman's actions. Even more heartbreaking, this happens in a country that has two holy land, the country where the government obey the Sharia without fear denounced, "the mufti said.

However, the foreign media, especially the western part of the joy for the actions of these women. AFP, citing the news, even condemned the action of the press said Saudi Arabia is not critical.


  1. assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
    wadouh lupa ga bawa kamus Dek he..he...btw its just tell how make care,protect and intens for all moslem in the world.its true???jelaslah begitu ...good luck ya

  2. wa'alikum salam wr. wb ^_^
    yup yup I think so with u dear... ^_^
    hehehe... :D

  3. sungguh aku menginginkanmu..
    mski pun mrk menantang cintaku..

    kuakan prjuangkan hngga jntung ku trhnti...

    aaaku mencintaaimu..
    spt bintang yg mcintai malam..
    dan aku akan memberi sluruh jiwaku...

    aaku menginginkanmu....
    mski pun bumi tak mngizinkan..

    dnger lagunya di blog kk...
    ♥ missssssssssss u ♥

  4. ♥ kaka quwh ♥
    hehehehe ^_^
    iyaa uda denger...
    weee ^_^
    ihh futunya jadi berdiri semuwa....
    piet suka yg jd banner..!!
    ga kaya orang kesetrum... weeekk :p

  5. assalamualaikun...i like woman jilbab.....hik hik tank berat piet mau datang ke gubug ane...sueneeeng banget apa lagi mau ngasih alamat YM nya biar bisa ngobrol...tapi diem2 kok shoutmix banyak yg error nih...oke deh YM gw (amarscell) ditunggu link gw dipasang ya...punya km udh tuh...tanks

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