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Impact of Sleep Too Night

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The doctors at National Taiwan Hospital recently shocked the medical world since the discovery of a case of a young doctor 37 years old during this very trust the results of liver function (GOT, GPT), but it was just before the Lunar New Year Hari Raya positive note during liver cancer 10 cm, far, almost everyone is dependent on the results of liver function tests index (Liver Function Index). They think if the examination showed a normal result index OK.Kesalah unfamiliarity means all this sort were also done by many specialists. What a surprise, the doctors who should provide the right knowledge in the general population, turned out to have incorrect knowledge. Prevention of liver cancer should be done the right way. There is no other way to detect and kecua li treating as early as possible, so the doctor says Hsu Chin Chuan.Tetapi ironically, it turns out .. But ironically, it turns out doctors who deal with liver cancer can also have the wrong view, and even misleading the public, why this is the biggest cause of cancer liver disembuhkan.Saat difficult to have a doctor Hsu patient who complained that over the last month is often experience abdominal pain and weight down so much. After a new examination supersound liver cancer diketemukanadanya very large, almost 80% of the liver (liver) had eaten out. The patient was shocked, How is it possible? New year to do medical check-ups and the results of all normal.Bagaimana possible only within a relatively short years of liver cancer can grow so big? It was check-ups are done only to check liver function. The results also showed a normal examination. Liver function examination there was one item examination of the most known heart by masyarakat.Tetapi this item also the most misunderstood by our society (Taiwan). In general, people assume that if the index of liver function tests showed normal numbers means there is no problem with the heart . But this view resulted in the emergence of sad stories because of missed opportunities to detect early-stage cancer since. Doctor Hsu said, GOT and GPT are the most widely enzyme found in liver cells. If there is inflammation of the liver or because of one another and thus cause the liver cells die, the GOT and GPT will run out. This causes the content of GOT and GPT in the blood increases. Tetapitidak an increase in GOT and GPT numbers does not mean that there hardening of the liver or liver cancer absence. For many people with liver inflammation, although inflammation of the condition of their hearts have stopped, but in the liver (liver) they have t erbentuk fibers and hardening of the liver. With the formation of hardening of the heart, it will be easy to liver cancer arises.! In addition, at the early stages of liver cancer, liver index will not increase. Because in times of cancer growth, only the cells surrounding the attack so damaged and die. Because of this damage is only a small scale the GOT and GPT rates may still be within normal limits, say up is not going to happen a high rise. But because many people who do not understand this so that there was a lot of stories resulted in major sedih.Penyebab liver damage are:
1. Sleeping too late and wake up too the day was the cause palingutama.
2. No waste water in the morning.
3. Eating too much.
4. Not eating breakfast.
5. Too much consumption of drugs.
6. Consume too much preservatives, zattambahan, dyes, artificial sweeteners.
7. Ak Miny unhealthy fried. ! As far as possible reduce cooking oil use when frying foods, it also applies even if using even the best cooking oils like olive oil.Jangan consume fried foods when we are in a state of fatigue, except in a fit condition of the body.
8. Consuming raw food (very mature) also adds weight hati.Sayur vegetables are eaten raw or cooked, cooked 3 / 5 parts. Fried vegetables should be eaten up right away, do not have to do preventive disimpan.Kita with no cost tambahan.Cukup set lifestyle and patterns of daily food.

Treatment of eating patterns and the condition of time is necessary for our bodies can do the absorption and disposal of substances that are not useful in accordance with jadwalnya.Sebab:

*. Pk night from 9 to 11: the disposal of substances is not useful / toxic (de-toxin) in the antibody system (lymph nodes). During this time duration should be passed with or listening to quiet music. If at that time a housewife is still in a condition that is not relaxed such as washing dishes or watching children learn, this can be a negative impact on health.
*. 11 PM - early morning pk 1: during the process of de-toxin in the liver, must take place in conditions of sleep.
*. 1 PM to 3 PM: the process of de-toxin in the gall, also took place in conditions of sleep.
* 3 PM to 5 PM: de-toxin in the lungs. Because it will be a great cough for cough sufferers during this time duration. Because the cleaning process (de-toxin) has reached the respiratory tract, then no need to drink cough medicine so as not to impede the process of sewage.
* 5 PM - 7 AM : de-toxin in the large intestine, to dispose of water in a small room.
* 7 AM - 9 AM : when the absorption of food nutrients to the small intestine, to eat breakfast. For those who are sick should be more in the morning ie before 7 AM. Breakfast before 8 AM extremely good for those who want to maintain their health.
For those who do not eat that morning hoping to change this habit, even still better late pk breakfast until 9 to 10 than not eating at all.
Sleeping too late and wake up too the day will disrupt the process of disposal of substances is not useful. In addition, from midnight until 4 o'clock in the morning is the time for bone marrow to produce blood. For that reason, sleep tight and do not stay up.

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